NEW RVB Ozone Oxygen Therap

The result of the synergic work between cosmetic surgery and regenerating in scar-healing treatments based on oxygen and ozone along with RVB's experience has given shape to a new cosmetic treatment for intense regeneration of the skin tissues and effective fighting of the signs of ageing. 

OZONE OXYGEN THERAP exploits the powerful combined action of pure oxygen and stabilized ozone, specially designed to stimulate the full resumption of skin cells and restore its natural beauty.

RVB creates OZONE OXYGEN THERAP, a new innovative technology based on the latest discoveries in the world of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine.

From numerous scientific studies it has emerged that treating deoxygenated skin tissues with pure oxygen and ozone accelerates the cell regeneration mechanisms, acting against skin ageing and restoring it to its natural freshness and lustre.

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