Phytomer Face products we love

Velvety Soothing Cream 
Perfectly gentle for sensitive skin, this luscious cream rich in marine-based active ingredients reduces redness and soothers warm sensations. It strengthens the skin's natural defenses against daily aggressions (weather, pollution, stress, etc)

Expert Youth Wrinkle Correction Cream
It's formula contains a complex of ingredients designed to optimize the function of skin stem cells and thus restore the skin's replenishing power. Results are SPECTACULAR: imprint of wrinkles diminished, smoothed wrinkle free and densified skin.
After 1 month of use the face appears up to 8 years younger.

(*clinical scoring conducted on 22 women after twice-daily use for 28 days. Average rejuvenating effect of the face : 2,4 years younger).

Souffle Marin
Like a breath of fresh air, this serum contains marine-based ingredients that neutralize pollutants and help the skin to defend and oxygenate itself for a fresher complexion and more toned skin. The product also contains natural moisturizing agents that develop the skin in a veil of softness. You will love this product!

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