When SCIFIT started in 1987, there were a lot of companies making fitness equipment for people who are already fit. We asked, “What about everyone else?” We wondered about people who are injured, paralyzed or battling disease. We thought about folks with low strength, low stamina or limited range of motion. And we asked ourselves about individuals in physical therapy or cardiac rehab. Turns out, many people share these issues and fall outside the “fitness” mold. So SCIFIT carved a new path making exercise products and programs for the rest of us. People started using and loving our products, and so did the professionals who help them…physical therapists, cardiac rehabilitation specialists, senior activity coordinators, hospital wellness directors, PE teachers, adaptive exercise instructors. These professionals helped shape our products into the advanced specialty equipment we offer today. Now, nearly 30 years and millions of SCIFIT users later, we’re still driven by the same desire to help people get moving and keep moving.

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