Phytomer is an expert in marine-based cosmetology; Phytomer shares its passion for beauty, the ocean and well-being around the world. It is also present on the market for beauty institutions, spas and resorts, as the leading marine-based brand in the beauty industry

Phytomer has never ceased growing and in the space of 35 years it has become a well-known brand that is proud to share its passion for marine-based cosmetics everywhere around the world.

Present in 70 countries with nearly 7,000 agents worldwide, the brand is recognized by the industry's best professionals and renowned for its expertise and experience.

More than 10,000 beauty professionals have been educated at the training center in Saint-Malo (in Brittany).

Phytomer's laboratory of 20 avid researchers in the field of algology, its range of marine-based active ingredients developed through its own research, and its unique formulas and integrated production site have enabled the company to control the entire development process for its products, from raw materials to finished product.

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